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2019 Greatoo Resignation Analysis Seminar

Talent is the soul of an enterprise, and the flow of human resources is related to the future of enterprise development. On March 30, 2020, the "2019 Greatoo Resignation Analysis Seminar" was held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the administrative office building of the company's Zhanqian Road factory. Vice president Wu Yingxiong, deputy general manager Fang Shaowei, deputy general manager Wu Xiaodong, assistant general manager Qiu Yixin, manager Chen Junhan, deputy manager Zheng Weixin, and general manager Hu Bingwen attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by assistant general manager Qiu Yixin.
In 2019, under the influence of unstable factors such as the reversal of economic globalization, the rise of trade protectionism, Sino-US trade frictions, and Brexit, our main products have fewer orders for tire molds and robots, and the order time distribution is uneven. In order to meet the needs of the market, efforts are made to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the optimization of personnel structure is implemented, and the level of turnover rate is centered in the whole industry. The leaders at the meeting analyzed the reasons for employees' turnover in 2019 in combination with the company's development prospects and the actual situation of the department. The purpose was to scientifically control and accurately implement policies, reduce employee turnover rates, and create harmonious labor relations.
 "Talent is rare and volatile, and the owner must know it." According to the main reasons for employees leaving in 2019, the participating leaders put forward highly targeted countermeasures. Qiu Yixin pointed out that in order to enhance the stability of the workforce, it is recommended to start from two aspects of horizontal expansion and conversion track, to provide learning opportunities for employees with 2-4 years of service, and retain outstanding talents with challenge and freshness. Hu Bingwen proposed to set up courses to train technicians at a fee to strengthen the teacher-apprentice mechanism. In addition, the Business Department itself should strictly control the technical gate to improve the core competitiveness of products. Chen Junhan proposed to improve the salary and benefits of technical core personnel, while the self-operated business department independently arranges attendance based on orders and work tasks. Wu Xiaodong pointed out that the communication between the business department and the subsidiary should be strengthened, and the two-pronged approach of change and OEM should be adopted to achieve a win-win situation of improving the stability of the workforce, eliminating work waiting, and sharing labor.
Vice president Wu pointed out: The resignation analysis seminar should not only analyze the reasons for leaving, but also put forward ideas or measures to solve the problems according to the reasons. Unsaturated and uneven orders are the main reason for the high turnover rate. It has become the consensus of the participants, and it is recommended to improve it by strengthening the synchronization of sales and production and coordination. In view of the uneven production situation, we promote the sharing of human resources or production resources between business units or with subsidiaries. It is proposed to strengthen the manpower management and control the resignation, and to solve the mass employment needs of the production department in an innovative way of school-enterprise cooperation.

The stability of the workforce is critical to the company’s development prospects. Looking ahead, let us go hand in hand to add color to the company’s smooth transformation and upgrading, and create a new chapter of harmonious labor relations!