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Greatoo’s Research and Development of Intelligent Self-Identifying Fully AutomaticProduction Line for Masks

In early 2020, Corona Virus Disease 2019(COVID-19) suddenly broke out, which had a huge impact on social economy and people's health.In response to the general deployment and requirements of anti-epidemic measures by government departments at all levels, Greatoo took the initiative, aimed at the needs of the application field, concentrated on research and development efforts, and used its own advantages in intelligent manufacturing and automation integrationwhile doing epidemic prevention and management. And as we can see, the R & D and manufacturing work of the "automatic production line project of intelligent self-identifying masks" is carried out in full swing. The company completed the R & D and trial production of the first batch of models in only 24 days, and delivered them to Jieyang, Shantou and other epidemic prevention materials production enterprises to put them into use, alleviating the shortage of materials for social masks, and effectively taking the social responsibility of the intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the battle of epidemic situation.
In order to effectively coordinate the overall work of the project, the company has set up a "intelligent self-identifying mask fully automated production line project group", which organizes the production technicians of Greatoo (China&Germany), the National Technical Center Technical Committee, R & D Department of Greatoo (Guangzhou), the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds, and the Logistics Center. It can formulate a special work plan, arrange and coordinate in a unified manner, deploy technical research and equipment production plans around the "special, new and special" requirements of the mask line, and carry out design, programming, processing, assembly, commissioning and other work.
The project team organizes R & D and production through shift production, shift testing, cooperative joint debugging, and learning while testing. The technical committee, Greatoo (China&Germany), Greatoo (Guangzhou), and Technical Reform Department use their respective strengths to carry out technical research on the original design defects. Form a plan for visual inspection and automatic packaging, and use the advantages of mechanical design to transform and design the front feeding slice.Greatoo (China&Germany) undertakes the production tasks of the mask line, actively deploys personnel, adopts the shift work mode, rushes to work on time to complete the production tasks, and maintains communication with the on-site technicians to rework the workpieces and accessories at any time to ensure stable and rapid supply of homemade parts.
In the development process, in addition to technical difficulties, the project team faced the lack of some purchased accessories, high prices, and the lack of workers in foreign processing enterprises because of epidemics in various places, which also caused great pressure on the project progress and cost. In order to ensure the progress, the project team actively communicated with various suppliers, tracked the progress at a fixed point, and organized the delivery of the goods themselves, so that the materials can be supplied in a timely manner, cooperate with the production staff to work around the clock, and basically meet the customer's supply time requirements.

It is understood that our "intelligent self-identifying mask fully automated production line" consists of a mask body making machine and two mask ear strap welding machines, which can achieve from body manufacturing, nose wire welding, ear strap welding to finished product output. The whole process of fully automated production does not require any manual operation, and the daily output of masks can reach more than 150,000 pieces.Next, the project team will continue to improve on the basis of the existing design, optimize the product structure, increase the product type, improve the performance level, and make greater contributions to the current domestic and foreign epidemic prevention and control work.