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Our Company Lu Haiyu, Yu Peimin, Li Jiayang was Awarded the "Jieyang May lst Labour Medal"


In order to stimulate the advanced, set an example, carry forward the "craftsman spirit", and further promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in Jieyang City, recently, the Jieyang Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Commendation Decision on the Award of the Jieyang May 1st Labor Medal to three comrades, including Lu Haiyu", and awarded the honorary title of "Jieyang May 1st Labor Medal" to the staff of our company, Lu Haiyu, Yu Peimin, and Li Jiayang.

In November 2019, Lu Haiyu, Yu Peimin, and Li Jiayang participated in the "3rd National Intelligent Manufacturing Application Technology Skills Competition" jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and the China Machinery Industry Federation. With a solid theoretical foundation, superb practical skills, and a high degree of cooperation, in the fierce competition, carried forward the spirit of courage and daring to win, they won the first prize of the staff group of the assembly project (installation and debugging of cutting intelligent manufacturing unit) of the 3rd National Intelligent Manufacturing Application Technology Skills Competition, which brought a heavy honor to Greatoo, and won glory for Jieyang City and even Guangdong Province.

Honor is a past achievement and a new starting point. It is hoped that all the Greatoo staff can take this spring breeze, learn from the advanced, study hard, innovate, and create new achievements, to make greater contributions to economic construction and the rapid development of the intelligent industry.