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Greatoo Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors General Assembly Successfully Held

On January 20, 2020, Greatoo held the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2020 and the first meeting of the seventh board of directors in the audio-visual conference room of the Longgang Road plant. Supervisory board, senior management staff. And the new term has resulted in a new Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, and senior management.
The company's first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2020 reviewed and approved the proposal for the reelection of the company's board of directors and the proposal for the election of shareholder representative supervisors, and elected a new board of directors and members of the supervisory board.  The seventh board of directors of the company consists of nine directors, namely non-independent directors Mr. Wu Chaozhong, Mr. Zheng Xuxu, Ms. Li Lixuan, Mr. Lin Ruibo, Mr. Wu Hao, Mr. Yang Yujun, and independent directors Mr. Yao Shuren, Mr. Zhang Tiemin, and Mr. Zheng Jinghua. What’s more, the seventh board of supervisors of the company is composed of three supervisors, namely Mr. Hong Fu, a shareholder representative supervisor, as well as staff representative supervisors, Mr. Zheng Jingping, and Mr. Liao Buyun.
At the first meeting of the seventh board of directors of the company, Mr. Wu Chaozhong was elected as the chairman; Mr. Zheng Xuxu was appointed as the president, Mr. Chen Zhiyong was the executive vice president, Mr. Chen Qingxiang, Mr. Wu Yingxiong was the vice president, Mr. Lin Ruibo was the chief financial officer, and Mr. Wu Hao was the secretary of the Board; Ms. Chen Xiaofen was appointed as the head of the internal audit department and Ms. Xu Lingling was the representative of securities affairs.
At the meeting, the new directors, supervisors and senior management of the company also carefully studied the "New Securities Law" collectively. Mr. Wu Hao, secretary of the board of directors of the company, explained the background and relevant points of the amendment of the securities law, and emphasized that as director, supervisor and senior management, everyone should be faithful and diligent in their due diligence, obey supervision and management, not to buy and sell stocks in violation of regulations, and to disclose information in violation of regulations. 

As the main backbone manufacturing enterprise of domestic high-end intelligent equipment, Greatoo has always adhered to the "three high" standards of "high starting point, high grade and high efficiency" and the core concepts of "higher, faster, stronger and more perfect". The company's new leadership team must lead all employees of the company to work hard, work together, and start a new chapter of development with a new look.