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Greatoo Strives for High-Quality Degrees for Employees' Children

With the advancement of people's ideology, more and more parents pay more attention to the education of their children and strive to make their children have a more scientific and comfortable educational environment. Therefore, in recent years, kindergartens and public primary school enrollment degrees are unprecedentedly tense, especially in the context of the country's policy of liberalizing the second child, the high-quality degree is even harder to get.
In conjunction with previous years' experience in helping employees' children enter the school, the Human Resources Department conducted a survey of employees' children's enrollment in June to understand the needs of the company's employees for high-quality degrees, and report the results to the company's leaders in a timely manner. 
Under the strong support of the company's board of directors and the Jiedong District Government and the Education Bureau, the Human Resources Department has coordinated and communicated with the district kindergartens and primary schools on a number of occasions, striving to meet the children of outstanding employees to enter Chunhui Kindergarten, Jiedong District No. 1 Primary School, Jiedong District No. 2 Primary School and Jiedong District No. 7 Primary School.
On the morning of July 9th, we received the registration notice from Chunhui Kindergarten, and the registration time for freshmen was arranged on the morning of July 12th. The Human Resources Department immediately contacted the employees who obtained the qualifications to prepare relevant materials, and prepare the employment certificates of each employee. On the morning of July 12th, the staff led them to Chunhui Kindergarten to complete the registration process. On August 16th, 22nd and 27th, one month apart, they received notifications from the Jiedong District No. 1, No. 2 and No. 7 Primary School. The Human Resources Department worked in an orderly manner, contacted employees, prepared materials, and organized the employees went to the site to register and completed the procedures for entering the journal of 38 children of 3 schools in an orderly manner. At this point, our company helped 47 employees to solve their children's enrollment problems in 2019, and the number of people has reached a record high.
In this activity, as a staff member, I deeply realized the hardship and greatness of being a parent. From the previous survey, employees with school-age children can't wait to learn about the registration status and degree. When preparing the registration materials, everyone prepared all the materials in a timely and complete manner, actively cooperate with the work of the Human Resources Department, and strive to win a good degree for their children in time. At the registration site of Chunhui Kindergarten, after a successful registration, an employee said with a smile to the staff: "The most important thing now is the education of children. I really appreciate the company providing us with the opportunity. Such a good welfare, let us have no worries." 

Helping employees' children's enrollment activities thoroughly implement the principle of "building a happy family" and strive to improve the welfare of staff. Every year, the company will fully mobilize resources to strive for high-quality enrollment resources for more employees, to solve their worries and make them feel more at ease and have a sense of belonging. In the future, the company will continue to maintain the people-oriented corporate philosophy, promote the common development of enterprises, employees and families, and enhance the happiness of all the Greatoo staff.