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Greatoo 2019 First Half Year Study Summary Meeting

In the first half of this year, the company implemented the "self-improvement plan" learning and training activities, and chairman Wu paid great attention to it. On the morning of July 27th, he hosted the "2019 First Half Year Study Summary Meeting" in the Longgang Road factory area and made an important speech. More than 100 people including the company's senior management, middle-level cadres and gold medals attended the meeting.
Chairman Wu pointed out: Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of macroeconomics and industry environment, the company's development has faced a series of challenges and difficulties. The production and operation are in a weak state, which has exposed the lack of basic management and high-level capacity building of our company and the existence of various business areas, as well as the exist problem of work report and production and operation supervision of each business department, and the issue of president's office meeting. In the face of current challenges and obstructions from the inside and outside, in order to achieve the goals and tasks of the second half of the year, we must sink our minds and learn from the benchmark enterprise, as well as learn the true spirit of the shareholders’ entrepreneurship in the past. We must not be bothered or afraid of suffering, to write our own performance and use our ability to interpret our business with a high level of ambition and a flat foot.
We must enhance the sense of responsibility from the overall height of the company's strategy, continuously improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the work, and turn the target tasks and target standards into visible and tangible reality. 
The reporting materials of the Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery is clear,highlight work initiatives, focus on the target tasks, and are worth promoting and learning. The general manager team pays close attention to the decision of the board of directors and the president, and do their best; in the face of fiercely competitive markets, improves their ability to serve customers, keeps three business maps in their hearts: technical layout, quality layout, and cost layout; has clear ideas and action strategies for consolidating and maintaining customer relationships, strengthening operational competitiveness, technological innovation, lean management, quality improvement and efficiency improvement.
In July last year, the board of directors proposed that the management philosophy of the new era is "military + school + family". Since then, the company has fully implemented this concept, for example, the Greatoo Institute has carefully carried out various trainings and written various experiences, the "Knowledge and action should go hand in hand" activity of Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery, the "Greatoo Ten Standards" of the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds, the "Responsibility Speech" of the Equipment Department,"Post C Plan" of various department, as well as traditional cultural education. Greatoo cadre team must have the positive energy spirit of being responsible, courageous, doing good deeds, and provoke the company's development responsibility. According to the current production and operation status of the company, it is planned to implement system reform next year, and try out the business management mode of self-running, self-management and self-financing of each business unit, and closely bind personal interests and company interests to create an interoperable and predictable mutual benefit and development situation.
In order to implement the spirit of the above-mentioned, in the following days, the board of directors continued to hold a special meeting to convene the relevant personnel of Bussiness Division of Tire Molds, Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery, Sales Center and the Robot Board, and discussed the current production situation and management system reform ideas, and a lot of consensus has been achieved. In addition, a summary study meeting attended by all senior managers was held. The meeting revisited the spirit of the enlarged meeting of Dabeishan and the resolutions of the joint meeting, reaffirming that each business unit should focus on profit and product quality, and the executives should implement the appointment system and assessment system; what’s more, we must strengthen corporate management and resolutely emphasize the management system and strict requirements. Executives must act in a timely manner to solve problems. They should take an attitude and give measures to the opinions and problems reflected by the subordinates. All directors should clearly understand the complex environment and difficulties faced by the current Greatoo and earnestly practice real and efficient work concepts, learn advanced experience, and transform learning and training activities and moral education into powerful personal strength and entrepreneurial spirit. In the new era, the company must grasp the goal, reinforce the enthusiasm, and timely convey the spirit of the resolution to the grassroots units of various departments and teams, as well as urge the staffs to profoundly understand the spirit of the resolution to promote the company's development on the fast track.
President Zheng and other company leaders attended the meeting, and the leaders and chief engineers of each business unit also expressed their opinions. The meeting further unified thoughts, clarified ideas, and defined directions, laying a solid ideological foundation for the re-development of Greatoo!