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2019 Editorial Department Symposium of Greatoo Newspaper

In order to further improve the editorial work of the Greatoo Newspaper, keep up with the pace of the times and continue to create a cultural propaganda position of Greatoo, on July 31, the Editorial Department of Greatoo Newspaper held a symposium on the editorial work of the Greatoo Newspaper in 2019 in the audio-visual conference room of the office building in Zhanqian Road factory. The symposium summarized the work of the Greatoo Newspaper in the past year, and discussed revision and improvement of the upcoming 200th issue of Greatoo Newspaper. Wu Hao, the company's vice president and editor of Greatoo Newspaper, attended the meeting. 
The meeting was firstly reported by Xie Xiaomin, editor-in-chief of Greatoo Newspaper, the report is about the work of the Greatoo Newspaper and the number of contributions in the past year, as well as the list of new correspondents. Xie Xiaomin pointed out: Since the publication of the Greatoo Newspaper, it has been 16 years. In the past year, under the care and guidance of the leaders, with the joint efforts of the correspondents and the editorial staff, the monthly issue of Greatoo Newspaper was completed on time and in quality; in the recent 12 issues of newspapers, including the company's major news, company leadership speeches a total of 35 articles; the company's production of first-line dynamic, administrative system work articles a total of 65 articles; the company's corporate culture activities a total of 59 articles; traditional culture, training dynamic life and stylistic knowledge, a total of 57 articles; and a total of 216 articles were published. At the same time, in August 2018, according to the company's development needs, the editorial work of the Self-Strength Special Issue was launched. So far, five issues have been published, which provided a solid public opinion position for the company's "two competition" activities. In addition, the corporate culture activities of the Editorial Department were also held as scheduled. During the journalist's festival in November 2018, the first Good Title Selection Campaign was launched, which inspired the creative enthusiasm of the correspondents and contributing activists.
Subsequently, the editorial staff and correspondents present here exchanged and discussed how to conduct newspapers in the new period. Vice President Wu first affirmed the achievements of Greatoo Newspaper in the past 16 years since its founding, implemented the opinion of chairman Wu on the Greatoo Newspaper in the "7.27 Semi-annual Summary Study Meeting", as well as required Greatoo Newspaper must adhere to the purpose of "the factory runs the newspaper and everyone participates", and open up the staff's voice column, which has become the bond and mouthpiece of the company and employees. At the same time, it is pointed out that in the face of the impact of online media, we must strengthen the role of the electronic version while maintaining the paper version of the newspaper, link the website, APP and other information channels to make the newspaper content more in line with the reading trend, and make employees like to read.
During the exchanges, the participants expressed their opinions and launched a heated discussion. They put forward a number of constructive opinions for the newspaper work, including the contents of the newspaper, the form of the manuscript, the source of the manuscript, the setting of the column and how to improve the enthusiasm of the staff. It provides a powerful reference for the revision of the 200th issue. In the electronic informationization of newspapers, everyone proposed that Greatoo Newspaper should be linked with the smart app of Greatoo. It is recommended to set up a special entrance for employees to dock the Greatoo Newspaper channels, and set different columns according to requirements, such as articles and paintings works, photographs, hand-to-hand photographs, opinions and suggestions, etc. At the same time, it is possible to open a collection of specific topics from time to time. If employees provide works of their own or their families, the Editorial Department should select the best publications to improve the enthusiasm and convenience of the employees.
Vice president Wu expressed his approval to everyone's enthusiastic speech. He asked the Editorial Department to screen and adopt the opinions according to the actual situation. In the following time, they will work together to strive for a successful revision in the 200th period and give satisfactory answers to the employees with a new look.    

At present, the company is in an important period of "seeking change". As an important carrier of "communicating corporate culture and promoting corporate spirit", Greatoo Newspaper should continue to adhere to deep cultivation and innovation, keep pace with the times, and keep up with the company’s development, and provide a solid and powerful public opinion position for building a "100-year Greatoo".